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About Regular Trip

  • Why Us

    Regular Trip is the first choice of travelers looking for customized information about travel products and services in India and across the globe. We provide reliable and updated information about traveling, price estimates, reservation facilities, train reservations, and hotel bookings. You can also find all the latest info on rental transportation of places you plan to travel. We show you how to get the cheapest bookings on private cars and buses to help you travel within your budget. Regular Trip is preferred by business travelers and individual tourists because of the numerous benefits we offer to our clients.

  • Trust & Saftey

    We ensure the booking process is suitably accelerated to meet your deadlines. You will be delighted with our outstanding customer support which is completely focused on providing you all the help you need to have a great travel experience. One of our key USPs is our ability to get you reservations in some of the best hotels across the globe. We have established long term business relations with these hotels. It gives us the privilege to serve you better than others since it helps us deliver the best possible deals available.

  • Professional

    Regular trip has many options and interesting features on offer. The site caters to both individual travelers going to a particular destination, as well as those out for a holiday or adventure trip. There are 12 holiday "themes" available, which include "wildlife" and "spa" among other themes, – this is a great way to plan a holiday. When packages are searched for, the list of options available includes a comprehensive set of details, including whether or not the package is escorted, and the kind of accommodation and travel options included.